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Volume 6, Number 12 - December 2005


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Season's Greetings! Food Consulting Company staff is feeling joyful this season and we are thankful for the confidence our clients have placed in our services this past year. We helped more than 600 food labelers get their labels ready to meet the January 1, 2006, requirements. Congratulations to all the labelers who are ready to go! Thank you to all the companies that make us the largest outsource provider of food labeling help.

2006 Food Labels Compliance In a Nutshell

Food Consulting Company has published a summary article of the trans fat and food allergen food label requirements that are mandatory on January 1, 2006. The article addresses the most frequently-asked questions received by Food Consulting Company related to the requirements. Read the article at

Commentary: Food labelers can request personalized help for product-specific questions related to the 2006 requirements by submitting a question for Regulatory Research or subscribing to an Ongoing Regulatory Support Plan at

USDA Gives Guidance for MyPyramid on Food Labels

USDA has published a Statement of Interim Policy Guidance entitled "Use of the USDA MyPyramid Reference on Meat and Poultry Labeling and Whole Grain Claims."

In part, the USDA guidance advises labelers:

  • MyPyramid replaced the Food Guide Pyramid in 2005; food labels referencing the old graphic (Food Guide Pyramid) need to be revised to eliminate this outdated reference.

  • MyPyramid uses discreet numbers in common household measure, i.e., cups and ounces (not numbers of servings).

  • MyPyramid references on food labels should be based on the 2,000 calorie level when stating the amount the product provides toward the recommendation for a major food group.

  • MyPyramid references to whole grain that state or imply a high or increased amount (example, excellent source of whole grains) cannot be used on food labels.  However, truthful and not-misleading statements of fact that do not characterize the specific level of whole grains can be used.

Access USDA's guidance:

Commentary: FDA has not issued formal guidance on using MyPyramid on food labels, but in conversations with Food Consulting Company the Agency has referred to USDA's guidance document to explain how MyPyramid can be used on FDA-regulated food labels.

Food Consulting Company offers help with label statements and claims, including use of MyPyramid on food labels. Companies can request claims help through the Regulatory Research option or an Ongoing Regulatory Support Plan, or by ordering a Full Label Compliance Package or a Label Compliance Review. Request service at

USDA & FDA Considers Division of Regulatory Authority

In the November 7, 2005, Federal Register, FDA and USDA's Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) announced that the Agencies are working jointly to establish clear guidelines for which agency has regulatory authority over certain types of food products that contain meat and poultry as ingredients.

A meeting is scheduled for December 15, 2005, to gain public input on the Agencies' ideas and the impact of the changes.

See Federal Register announcement:

Commentary: Changes in which Agency regulates food categories could have significant consequences for food labels. Currently, in general, products with more than 2% cooked meat or poultry (3% raw) are regulated by USDA, however product creativity has muddied this delineation.  Food Label News will keep readers updated on developments.

FYI:  In November 2005, FDA's Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition released a report on the 2004 Supplement to FDA's Health and Diet Survey. In part, the report provides information about consumer perception, attitude, and eating behavior related to carbohydrates and includes comments on terms such as net carb, low carb, carb wise, etc.

Read the FDA report:

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