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Volume 9, Number 5 - May 2008


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"Thank you for your thoughtful responses. Your suggestion for label design really solves my dilemma. Your patience and work helped us nail down each aspect of label compliance."

~ Rishi Nair
Aligna, Inc.

Greetings to our clients and guest subscribers! We work to get your products properly labeled and positioned in the best light within the law so that your efforts can be focused on maximizing product sales. Visit Services Page for information on Full Label Compliance and Ongoing Regulatory Support; see Reader Q&A Page for answers to featured questions from Food Label News subscribers.

Q.  I see butter listed on ingredient statements alone sometimes and sometimes followed by a parenthesis around the butter ingredients e.g., (cream, salt). How should I list butter in my ingredient statement?    S.D., Startup Company, Nebraska


A.  If the formula includes unsalted butter, it is correct to simply list "butter" (or specify as "unsalted butter") in the ingredient statement in descending order according to total weight compared to other ingredients.  Read more: Reader Q&A page.

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FDA Issues Guide for Food Labels

In April 2008, FDA issued a revised "Guidance For Industry - A Food Labeling Guide." The document takes the place of the previous version that was issued in September 1994. The 2008 version includes Code of Federal Regulation references and has:

  • expanded explanations for many previously covered food labeling topics

  • explanations for two significant regulatory changes that occurred since 1994: trans fat labeling regulations, and Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act of 2004

  • expansive explanation for label claims use

Commentary: Food Label News frequently mentions the Food Labeling Guide as a reference tool for food labels work. FDA's 2008 Food Labeling Guide is a must-read for food labelers at every skill and experience level.

FDA Issues Labeling Guide for Restaurants

In April 2008, FDA issued new "Guidance for Industry - A Labeling Guide for Restaurants and Other Retail Establishments Selling Away-From-Home Foods." The guidance is in Q&A format.

Foods served or sold in restaurants are exempt from nutrition labeling if they do not bear a claim. When such food items do bear a claim, the establishment is obligated to comply with certain labeling rules within the Code of Federal Regulations that are explained in the Labeling Guide for Restaurants.

The guidance also explains nutrition labeling requirements and exemptions for many special situations like soup/salad bars, gourmet take-aways, bakeries, convenience stores, vending machines and others.

See Labeling Guide for Restaurants

Commentary:  Food Consulting Company can simplify the work to provide nutrition information for restaurant menu items and other ready-to-eat foods to comply with FDA and state/local regulations. More Information or Contact Us.

USDA Requests Comments on Child Nutrition Labels

In an April 8, 2008, Federal Register notice the Food and Nutrition Service of the United States Department of Agriculture requests comments on a revision of a currently approved information collection relating to Child Nutrition (CN) labeling for commercial food products.

Only manufacturers who wish to place CN labels on their products must comply with CN Labeling Program requirements. The purpose of CN labeling is to aid schools and institutions participating in Child Nutrition Programs in determining the contribution a commercial product makes toward the food-based meal pattern requirements of these programs.

Read Federal Register notice.

Commentary: Food Consulting Company helps companies get products into schools by producing reports for both the food-based meal plan and nutrient-based plans. Contact us for help with CN labeling on products such as pizza, sandwiches, burritos, fruit snacks and beverages, and grain-based items.

At Your Service:   Food Consulting Company helps restaurants provide all types of nutrition and allergen information to meet customer needs and demands, including calories and fat per serving for individual items and meal combinations. More Information or Contact Us.

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