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Volume 10, Number 2 - February 2009


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Q.  I've heard that you can't make a low-sodium claim on a product that contains cholesterol. Is this true?      W.J., Importer, Texas


A.  A low-sodium claim can be made on a product that contains cholesterol, but depending on the amount of cholesterol you might have to include a disclosure statement. Read more.

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FDA Nutrition Roundtable Report

FDAs Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition (CFSAN) presented "Nutrition Roundtable Discussion with Stakeholders" on December 12, 2008. Neither distance participation nor a meeting transcript was made available for the two and one-half hour meeting. Upon request to CFSAN, Food Consulting Company received the meeting agenda and presentation outlines/slides by email and by permission is providing links for Food Label News readers to view the information on a special section of the website:

Commentary: For previous Food Label News reports on agenda topics see: Front-of- Pack Labeling (September 2007), Functional Foods (November 2006 and January 2007, and Spot the Block (August 2007).

FDA Guidance: Front-of-Package Symbols

In December 2008, FDA posted "Guidance for Industry - Dear Manufacturer Letter Regarding Front-of-Package Symbols." The guidance recommends that manufacturers/distributors of food products that include front-of-pack symbols be sure that the symbols they use are consistent with FDA's current laws and regulations for nutrient content claims. FDA intends to notify companies when front-of-pack symbols are not consistent with current regulations, or where the symbols are used in a manner that is false or misleading.

See Guidance.

Commentary: Food Consulting Company can help clients determine if a product currently in our system meets the criteria to bear a particular front-of-package symbol. Contact Us for help with your project.

FDA Guidance: Dietary Supplement Labels

In December 2008, FDA posted two Guidance documents that address labeling of dietary supplements.

At Your Service:  Do you need reformulation guidance to meet a specific nutrient profile or to make an ingredient substitution? Food Consulting Company will work with you to meet your specific requirements. Order Reformulation Guidance in conjunction with Full Label Compliance or Nutrition Facts Panel.

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