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Volume 12, Number 1 - January 2011

Happy New Year from Food Label News. As 2011 kicks off, we offer a toast to our readers and wish you all a healthy and prosperous year ahead.

In 2011, we're embarking on a new case study program to communicate effective solutions to important food label issues. We invite our valued clients to showcase the work we've done together. We'll feature 4 to 6 companies in this newsletter and on our website and you’ll have the case study to support your own marketing initiatives.

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In this issue you'll find:

Karen C. Duester, President


"Thank you, thank you - I value getting this information. It is so informative!"

– Judy Grandcolas, 
Pizza Blends, Inc.



Year's Most Popular Reader Q&A's

Congratulations to the three Food Label News subscribers who we honored with a $25 check for their contributions. We thank these winners for submitting questions that ranked the highest among our readers. The 2010 winners and links to answers for their questions are:

  • M.S., Minnesota
    Featured in May Food Label News
    Can you reference me to the section of the CFR that deals with synthetic and/or artificial substances that are exempt in trace amounts as food processing aids? Also include information on secondary synthetics (synthetic and/or artificial substances that are exempt due to being ingredients in ingredients)?

  • L.W., Iowa
    Featured in September Food Label News
    What is the current status on labeling for gluten-free products? What are the rules?

  • L. E., California
    Featured in June Food Label News
    Which is better for getting the most accurate results: lab or database analysis?

For answers to these and other Food Label News reader questions, see the Reader Q&A Archive

Keeping You Current

FSIS news release outlines new Nutrition Facts Panel requirement for meat/poultry products

Federal Register notice establishes 1/1/14 as uniform compliance date for FDA food labeling regulations issued in 2011 & 2012

From the Archive

Answers to Questions from Food Label News readers

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Food Label News will continue to respond to one question per month as space permits. Those who submit the top three questions during the 2011 calendar year will be recognized with a $25 thank you check in December.

Silliker 2010 Regulatory Guide

By popular demand we are sharing the new Silliker Regulatory Guide, updated in 2010 to help food labelers decipher the regulations regarding nutrient and health claims for food packages. This update includes an important section on claims for Canada, not previously included in the earlier edition. Download the Guide.

In the Guide you'll find a side-by-side summary of major regulatory differences between the U.S. and Canada for nutrient content claims. It's a quick reference for you.

Reader Q&A

Find answers to our readers' questions or send us your question for an upcoming issue.


Our sales team wants to create a food package that would be equally acceptable in Mexico and the U.S. Is this do-able?
P.H., Established Food Company, Georgia


We consulted with Mexican colleagues who confirmed that yes, it is possible to have a single food label that satisfies the requirements of both U.S. and Mexico. Of course, the label must be bilingual. Read more.

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