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Volume 12, Number 12 - December 2011

Happy Holidays from Food Label News. It’s time to celebrate the season with family, friends and fellow food labelers. We salute our neighbors to the north with a quick comparison of U.S. and Canadian food label requirements. We also bring you the next in our popular series on U.S. Nutrition Facts labeling with how-to’s for smaller packages. In the spirit of the season, we offer a lighthearted twist on a Nutrition Facts Label perfect for the Holidays. You can view, download and customize your own on the LinkedIn Food Label Community. Wishing you peace and abundance at this special time of year. Enjoy!

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Quick Food Label Comparisons:
U.S. vs. Canada

Examples of Nutrition Facts Labels:
Part 3 of 10

Reader Q&A: Facts label for a simple
3-ingredient product

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Karen C. Duester, President

Quick Food Label Comparisons:
U.S. vs. Canada

One of the most popular topics from Food Label News is the distinction between U.S. and Canadian food labeling requirements. As many of you know, it is not possible to have a food label that satisfies the requirements in both countries. A previous Reader Q&A and newsletter article on the topic provide a good overview of many of the differences.

We have developed one-page quick comparisons for three of the major differences. Take a look to determine the nuances between U.S. and Canadian requirements:

Keeping You Current

Consumers pay less attention to NFPs than they think

NPA reports a "Natural Seal" for food labels is coming

GE food labeling: California Right-to-Know ACT

FSIS delays mandatory labeling for single-ingredient items (see page 3)

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While both the U.S. and Canada participate in Codex, the international body that provides guidance on food safety and labeling issues, each country is responsible for its own set of food labeling regulations. Unfortunately for food labelers, these regulations are not co-developed.

Examples of Nutrition Facts Labels: Part 3 of 10

Requirements for Nutrition Facts vary based on several factors. This series provides examples of compliant U.S. Nutrition Facts Labels for the most common scenarios.

One of the primary variables for developing a compliant Nutrition Facts Label is the space available for labeling. If your package has less than 40 square inches of available labeling space, there are several options to ensure that your Nutrition Facts graphic is fully compliant. The biggest space-saver is use of a shortened Daily Values footnote in either a vertical or horizontal layout. Other options include use of abbreviations, the “not a significant source” statement, and a compressed linear layout.

Take a quick look at helpful how-to examples of Nutrition Facts Labels for smaller packages.

Reader Q&A

Find answers to our readers' questions or send us your question for an upcoming issue.


If one is making a product consisting of three simple ingredients with no salt, sugar or preservatives added, how extensive does the nutrition statement have to be for the label on such a product?
G.C., Washington, Established Food Company


It depends on the profile of the finished product per serving and whether nutrient content claims are made. If the finished product has no significant nutrients to list (i.e., all label values are zero) and no nutrition claims are made, the Nutrition Facts panel can be omitted. Spices and teas for example do not always require that the label includes the Nutrition Facts.  Read more.

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