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Volume 13, Number 10 - October 2012

Hello from Food Label News. This month we’re off to the EU with a focus on what you need to know for label compliance in EU markets. You’ll also find a Food Label News reader favorite: An all encompassing regulatory guide for label claims. Be sure to check out the reader Q&A and view past reader Q&As online for answers to your labeling and regulatory questions.

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EU Labeling: What’s New & What To Do

Regulatory Guide for Label Claims

Reader Q&A: Country of Origin Labeling

What's News in the Food Label Community


Karen C. Duester, President

EU Labeling: What’s New & What To Do

To get a product to market in the EU requires much the same process as is necessary with FDA-regulated foods in the U.S. It is incumbent upon manufacturers to ensure that product labels are compliant with all current regulations as there is no government pre-approval process. Food exporters beware: regulations for food safety and food labels are rigorously enforced and penalties can be costly.


There are several challenges with creating food labels for export to the EU. While the required food label components for the EU are similar to those of the U.S., the formatting, placement, and intricacies of the label (font size, spacing, graphics, ingredient declarations, etc.) are quite different. In addition, many EU foods have specific compositional standards which can differ quite substantially from U.S. standards of identity.


The new Food Information Regulation is an EU directive binding for all EU member states who then have to implement it in national legislation. This will affect virtually every EU food label. Understanding the nuances is critical to ensure compliance.

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Is my food USDA or FDA regulated?

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How do you reduce your regulatory risk? Food Consulting Company is pleased to extend our nutrition, labeling, and regulatory services beyond North America (U.S., Canada, Mexico) to the EU markets. Through our partnerships, we can also provide all of the technical translation services you need. Contact us for help to ensure that your food labels are compliant across all EU countries.

Regulatory Guide for Label Claims

How do you showcase a product with no trans fat or 200 mg of isoflavons when U.S. regulations do not allow nutrient content claims for either of these food constituents?

By popular demand we are again sharing the Silliker Nutrient and Health Claims U.S. and Canadian Regulatory Guide with technical content provided by Food Consulting Company. This guide helps food labelers decipher the regulations regarding nutrient and health claims for food packages. Be sure to take a look at these important sections:

  • Nutrient content claim definitions for free and low (page 6)

  • Statements of fact (page 9)

  • Examples of allowable structure/function claims (pages 13-14)

Download the Guide.

Reader Q&A

Find answers to our readers' questions or send us your question for an upcoming issue.


I know the following statement needs to be on an imported FDA food product - Product of "X" - but does it need to be on the Principal Display Panel or can it be anywhere on the package? 
S.A., Maryland, Consulting Firm


When a U.S. company distributes or imports a product and declares its name and address within the signature line of the product, FDA guidance says that the country of origin must appear in close proximity to the signature line in at least comparable size lettering. If, however, a foreign manufacturer is listed within the signature line, then the country of origin is part of the address and the words "Product of" can be shown after the signature line or any other conspicuous place on the label. Read more.

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