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Volume 13, Number 12 - December 2012

Hello from Food Label News. Rarely does food labeling make such headline news as it did in the recent national election. In this issue we report on California's defeated Prop 37 and implications for food labelers. Also, we're pleased that our readers were so enthused with the start to our 10-part series on database nutrition analysis and invite you to read Part 2 this month. Wishing you peace and abundance for the Holidays!

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California Says NO to GMO Labeling

Set-up Your Raw Materials Database:
Nutrition Analysis Series - Part 2 of 10

Reader Q&A: Multiple "Contains" Statements

What's News in the Food Label Community


Karen C. Duester, President

California Says NO to GMO Labeling

California voters defeated Prop 37, but the question of GMO labeling remains unanswered. Here are some insights as we continue to sort through the issue.


Hope for a federal standard – One only needs to recall the chaos with restaurant labeling when multiple jurisdictions issued regulations on the same topic. The recent federal standard simplified restaurant labeling, benefitting industry and consumers alike.


Look to the rBST precedent for "GMO-free" – Food labelers wanting to market the "GMO-free" nature of their foods may want to examine the label requirements for rBST-free. Note that FDA accepts an rBST-free claim provided there is an accompanying referral statement.


Leverage organics – Consumers are not always aware that organic foods are GMO-free by definition. With education, it’s likely we would see a rise in organics popularity.


Be cautious about "natural" – With the continued spotlight on "natural" and litigators who are poised to scrutinize the nuances, companies are becoming more conservative in using the claim to steer clear of legal controversy.

What's News in the
Food Label Community

Labeling for coconut:
U.S. and Canada allergens

Self-affirmed GRAS

A database for private label products

USDA Standard Release 25

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What is FDA's stand on GMO labeling?

Prop 37: Food Label Fight in California

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These insights are an excerpt from an article requested by the Institute of Food Technologists for "IFT: The ePerspective." See the complete article and follow the rich and lively discussion about GMOs, organics and natural in the Food Label Community on LinkedIn.

Set-up Your Raw Materials Database:
Nutrition Analysis Series - Part 2 of 10

This month’s installment in our 10-part series overviews Step 2 of the Nutrition Analysis process: the requirements for setting up your raw materials database. This series is based on a widely regarded publication distributed by ESHA Research to users of Genesis R&D, the industry’s leading nutrition analysis software.

View/print Part 2 of the series. If you missed Part 1 you can view and download it now. The print-ready pages from all parts of the series will add up to the complete guide.

In this step, you will determine which ingredients in your recipe will be matched to a supplier spec sheet and which will be matched to an existing food item in the database.

Reader Q&A

Find answers to our readers' questions or send us your question for an upcoming issue.


For an already printed box, we’d like to add a stamp that says Contains Milk as the box is supposed to say Contains Milk and Wheat but currently only says Contains Wheat. We would like to put the stamp under the statement that says "made on shared equipment with products containing milk, soy, tree nuts, etc.” Can we do that?
S.R., California, Private Labeler


It is not acceptable to separate the allergen information into multiple Contains statements. However, it is permissible to use stickers to make changes in labeling as long as the sticker is firmly affixed and will adhere to the packaging under the intended storage conditions. Read more.

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