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Volume 13, Number 1 - January 2013

Happy New Year from Food Label News. As 2013 kicks off, we offer a toast to our clients, readers and fellow food labelers in the Food Label Community on LinkedIn. Here's to a happy, healthy and prosperous year ahead.

We start the year by featuring one of the most popular sections of Food Label News - Q&As. In addition, the Nutritional Analysis series continues with a discussion on recipe ingredients and amounts.

Wishing you all the best in this new year!

In this issue you'll find:


"Thank you so much for your help, thoroughness and for taking the extra step. We appreciate your professionalism and are happy with your work."

– Ed Hsu
JSL Foods

2012's Most Popular Reader Q&As

Nutrition Analysis Series - Part 3 of 10
Enter the Recipe Ingredients and Amounts

Reader Q&A: Organic Labeling for Certification Agency

What's News in the Food Label Community


Karen C. Duester, President

2012's Most Popular Reader Q&As

Congratulations to the three Food Label News subscribers who we honored with a $25 check for their contributions. We thank the winners for submitting questions that ranked the highest among our readers. Here are the 2012 winners and links to answers.

L.B., Indiana  - February's Food Label News
A customer of ours used the 4-4-9 calculation and got a different calorie value than what we show. How do I explain the difference?

R.C., Florida - April's Food Label News
I plan on distributing a jarred tomato sauce and want to label it as “All Natural.” However, the bulk tomato sauce I buy has some preservatives. Must I include them on my label even though I cook it for hours?

T.D., California - May's Food Label News
Is it true that FDA sees any restatement of the Nutrition Facts on front-of-pack as a nutrient content claim? If so, can you direct me to the ruling?

For answers to these and other Food Label News reader questions, see the Reader Q&A Archive.

What's News in the
Food Label Community

Disclosing caffeine in energy drinks

Soybean oil and allergen labeling

FOP messaging for fruit/vegetable servings

New guides for organic operations

Increased French language enforcements in Quebec?

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2011 Q&A winners


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Food Label News will continue to respond to one question per month as space permits. Those who submit the top three questions during 2013 calendar year will be recognized with a $25 thank you check in December.

Nutrition Analysis Series - Part 3 of 10
Enter the Recipe Ingredients and Amounts

This month’s installment in our 10-part series overviews Step 3 of the Nutrition Analysis process: the process of entering your recipe ingredients and amounts into your nutrition analysis software. This series is based on a widely regarded publication distributed by ESHA Research to users of Genesis R&D, the industry’s leading nutrition analysis software.

View/print Part 3 of the series

If you missed Part 1 or Part 2 you can view and download them now. The print-ready pages from all parts of the series will add up to the complete guide.

In this step, you will learn about ways to account for sub-recipes and pre-prepped ingredients in your recipe analysis.

Reader Q&A

Find answers to our readers' questions or send us your question for an upcoming issue.


If you use the USDA organic symbol on your food labels, are you required to also have a statement indicating the certifying agent? Assuming you follow the USDA National Organic Program rules, have the appropriate certification and show the organic symbol but do not have the name of the agent on the label, what are the possible consequences (i.e. penalties, not being able to import, not being able to sell, etc.)?
B.H., Illinois, Food Importer


Foods labeled as "Organic" including those with the USDA Organic symbol on the package must list the name of the certifying agency with the phrase "Certified organic by (certifying agency)" on the Information Panel, immediately below the Signature Line. If you have failed to list the certifying agency on the package, you will need to work with the agency to correct that. Be aware that ignoring compliance issues could result in discontinued organic certification by your certifying agency, among other possible consequences. Read more.

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