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Volume 14, Number 7 - July 2014

Happy July 4th from Food Label News. This month we wrap up our series on package claims in the U.S. and Canada with a summary of similarities and differences between the two countries. Take a look back at the eight articles to help inform your labels. You may also want to see what's of interest in the Food Label Community on LinkedIn. We're talking about everything from GMO labeling to "superfoods". Wishing you warm regards this July.

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Kawal Oberoi
Dishaka Gourmet Imports

Package Claims: U.S. & Canada - Part 8 of 8

What's News in the Food Label Community

Reader Q&A: Calories on Supplier Spec Sheets


Karen C. Duester, President

Package Claims: U.S. & Canada
Part 8 of 8

This month marks the final installment in our 8-part series designed to help food labelers become familiar with what claims and label statements are allowable and how to position a product's nutritional attributes to achieve marketing objectives. View the series to better understand nuances between U.S. and Canada for nutrient content claims, heath claims, and other allowable and non-allowable statements.

Reader Favorites

Insoluble Fiber and Calories for Canada


View/print Part 8 of the series or download the complete regulatory guide for U.S. and Canadian package claims.

What's News in the Food Label Community

Industry discourages FDA to set category specific sodium targets

Nice article on GMO labeling

Superfoods - what does it mean?

Cross-contamination and allergen labeling

Labeling tocopherols as Vitamin E

Food Consulting Company seeking Mexico food label expert

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Reader Q&A

Find answers to our readers' questions or send us your question for an upcoming issue.


I develop finished beverages for the U.S. market and we get nutritional information from all of our raw material suppliers. Many give calorie counts based on net carbs (defined as total carbs minus the dietary fiber). Should we enter the supplier calorie count into our Genesis nutrient analysis software or should we adjust it to include the dietary fiber and assume 4 kcal per gram for all carbohydrates? 
L.G., Illinois, Manufacturer


Per FDA regulations at 21 CFR 101.9(c)(1), the calorie content may be determined by five different methods. Total carbohydrates minus the total value for dietary fiber is not allowable if the dietary fiber consists of both soluble and insoluble fibers. Read more.

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