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Volume 14, Number 9 - September 2014

Hello from Food Label News. Welcome back from summer! This month we focus on upcoming label changes and how you can get prepared with a 4-part series. Take a look and let us know your thoughts in the Food Label Community on LinkedIn. You'll also want to read the back story about the proposed rules for changes to the nutrition facts label in Reader Favorites.

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"We got it right the first time because of your excellent instructions and other resources. Thank you!"

Steve Lombardi
Pik-Nik Foods, USA

Label Changes are Coming: Be Prepared with Part 1 of 4-part Series

What's News in the Food Label Community

Reader Q&A: "Margarine" in Canada


Karen C. Duester, President

Label Changes are Coming. Be prepared with Part 1 of a 4-part Series

Marketing is reading the industry news. So is your management. Everyone wants to know how products will be affected by the proposed changes to nutrition facts labeling. What's a food labeler to do?

Reader Favorites

FDA Issues Proposed Rules for Changes to the Nutrition Label


In the upcoming series, we overview the shifts between the current regulations and FDA's proposed rules, beyond the obvious graphic changes. Each month our feature article will focus on an aspect of change: 1) daily values, 2) servings per container, and 3) reference amounts customarily consumed.

Be sure to watch coming issues for our popular one-page summaries that distill key information. To get the party started, view our high level overview of the Proposed Rules for Nutrition Facts. We will keep this page updated with important new information as it is released.

What can you do now? Perhaps this is the opportunity for your team to consider some changes to your formulations, label design, package size, net contents, package dimensions, or marketing claims. It's not too soon to ready your team with a thorough understanding of the implications for your product labels.

FDA's website is a good starting point for a careful analysis of the changes. Alternatively, consider a Proposed Rule Label Audit for a comprehensive assessment of your label claims, nutrient values, percent daily values, serving size and servings per container. An audit can help you proactively prepare these recommendations and assist with the label development downstream.

What's News in the Food Label Community

Interesting article in the New Yorker about genetic engineering

Self-determined GRAS, food additives

Mexico food labeling update

Net Carb Zero Bread: FDA Warning Letter

Should added sugars be listed on the NFP?

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Reader Q&A

Find answers to our readers' questions or send us your question for an upcoming issue.


When selling baked goods containing margarine in Canada, does the margarine have to meet the standard of identity under Canadian regulations? Does it matter if margarine is the product itself or if margarine is an ingredient in another product? − A.L., Illinois, Bakery 


"Margarine" on a Canadian package, whether it is the product identity or included in an ingredient statement, must meet the standard of identity for margarine as defined in the Canadian FDR section B.09.016. Read more.

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