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Volume 14, Number 10 - October 2014

Happy Fall from Food Label News. Continue to be in the know about the upcoming changes in food labels and what it means to your organization. We cover another important aspect of these changes in this month's article, 2 of 4 in the series. Read on to understand the main differences between what will be required for each of the nutrients within the Nutrition Facts. As always, we're happy to have you join the conversation in the Food Label Community on LinkedIn to share your perspectives and chime in on others'.

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Label Changes are Coming: Be Prepared with
Part 2 of 4-part Series

What's News in the Food Label Community

Reader Q&A: Qualifiers for the Signature Line


Karen C. Duester, President

Label Changes are Coming: Be Prepared with Part 2 of 4-part Series

Industry insiders know that FDA proposed changes to nutrition labeling would affect virtually every label for U.S. products. While the comments to the proposed rules are in the process of evaluation, food labelers are increasingly interested to know how their product labels will be affected.

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Label Changes are Coming: Part 1 of 4-part Series


This issue of Food Label News highlights one of the main differences: changes to Daily Values and which nutrients are included within Nutrition Facts. Here are the key points:

Calories from Fat will no longer be displayed.

Vitamin D and Potassium become mandatory nutrients while Vitamin A and Vitamin C become voluntary nutrients.

Added Sugars will now be declared, indented under Sugars, as a part of Total Carbs. Be sure to note the proposed definition for Added Sugars that includes not only sugar (sucrose) but also other free, mono- and disaccharides such as corn syrup, dextrose, fruit juice concentrate, molasses, etc.

Daily Value for five vitamins will be expressed in new units, each with their own conversion factors: Vitamin A now in mcg RAE, Vitamin D now in mcg, Vitamin E now in mg, Niacin now in mg NE, and Folate now in mcg DFE.

Daily Values have been updated to reflect the latest recommendations from National Academies of Science and other research. This resulted in changes to the Daily Values for 25 nutrients.

See a quick comparison of Daily Values and which nutrients are included within the proposed Nutrition Facts.

Food labelers are wise to understand how these proposed regulations will affect both the Nutrition Facts panel and the claims made for the products they champion. Consider an audit for how your products will be affected. Contact us.

What's News in the Food Label Community

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Reader Q&A

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I have a question regarding the signature line: If a large corporate retailer has multiple locations that process and pack food, can the corporate address appear in the signature line of the food label in lieu of the specific location where the product was made? Would the correct verbiage be "Manufactured by" or would it change to "Manufactured for"? − J.B., New York, Manufacturer 


The signature line is intended to express product responsibility. If the company manufactures, packs, or distributes a food at a place other than its principal place of business, the label may state the principal place of business instead of where the food was actually manufactured, packed, or distributed. If however, the company name and address shown on the label is not that of the manufacturer, then an accompanying phrase needs to qualify the relationship between the company and product. Examples of qualifiers include: "Manufactured for", "Distributed by", "Imported by", "Manufactured under the authority of." Read more on this topic.

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