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Volume 15, Number 1 - January 2015

Greetings from Food Label News. As 2015 kicks off, we offer a toast to our clients, readers and fellow food labelers in the Food Label Community on LinkedIn. Here's to a happy, healthy and prosperous year ahead.

We start the year by featuring one of the most popular sections of Food Label News - Q&As. Wishing you all the best in this new year!

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2014's Most Popular Q&As

What's News in the Food Label Community

Reader Q&A: Declaring a Propylene Glycol-based Flavor


Karen C. Duester, President

2014's Most Popular Q&As

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Most Popular Q&A's from 2013


W.H., Vermont - April's Food Label News

When does the function of an additive need to be included in the Ingredient Statement and what differentiates an incidental additive from an approved chemical preservative? I note that 21 CFR 101.100 states that incidental additives with no technical or functional effect are exempt from labeling, whereas 21 CFR 101.22(j) states that approved chemical preservatives "must include both the common or usual name of the preservative and the function of the preservative."

L.G., Illinois - July's Food Label News

I develop finished beverages for the U.S. market and we get nutritional information from all of our raw material suppliers. Many give calorie counts based on net carbs (defined as total carbs minus the dietary fiber). Should we enter the supplier calorie count into our Genesis nutrient analysis software or should we adjust it to include the dietary fiber and assume 4 kcal per gram for all carbohydrates?

P.M., California - December's Food Label News

In both U.S. and Canada, is there an acceptable upper limit variance for the declared net weight? For example, if your declared net weight is 100 grams, can your package contain 130 grams and still be compliant?

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What's News in the Food Label Community

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Reader Q&A

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We are using a Propylene Glycol based flavoring in our candy. What does the ingredient statement need to say?  
M.W., California, Manufacturer 


Your propylene glycol-based flavoring will either be declared as a natural flavor or an artificial flavor, based on definitions found in 21 CFR 101.22 (a)(1) and (3). If the propylene glycol functions solely as a flavor carrier, then it becomes incidental in the final food and therefore does not need to be included in the ingredient statement for your candy. If however, the propylene glycol found in the flavoring continues to function in the finished product, then it must be declared within your candy's ingredient statement. More reader questions.

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