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Volume 15, Number 11 - November 2015

Hello from Food Label News. Once again we express our thanks for over 9,500 readers around the world who count on Food Label News to stay in the know. We continue our spotlight on customers with a case study about how Simply7 delivered a complete set of product labels for a reformulated product line in record time thanks to our team behind the scenes. Let us know what's on your mind that we can include in a future issue of Food Label News. Read on for one of your Q&As and a very popular evergreen article about tips to reduce your regulatory risk.

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"Thanks for the report. It was useful and precise."

Inger Olesen  
Danish Technological Institute  

Simply7 Nutrition Facts in Record Time A Case Study

What's News in the Food Label Community

Reader Q&A: Ingredient Statement Descriptors


Karen C. Duester, President

Simply7 Nutrition Facts in Record Time A Case Study

It was Thursday and a major national grocery chain informed this food manufacturer that an order for their new product line could only be placed if food labels were delivered by Monday morning. The food manufacturer's next call was to Food Consulting Company. There was no time to waste.

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Reducing your regulatory risk


They got on task immediately despite missing nutrition information, suppliers in different time zones and even overseas, and conflicting names for flavors and ingredients. Making the complex simple is one of the things Food Consulting Company does so well. Read more.

Showcase Your Work.
We're pleased to create a case study for you to share internally and with colleagues in the food label community all based on the work we've done together. It's a turnkey process and takes very little of your time. Learn more.

What's News in the Food Label Community

Sulfate declaration: added vs. natural (8+ comment)

MCTs from Coconut: allergens and incidental additives (8+ comments)

Country of Origin labeling (17+ comments)

Caramel color (9+ comments)

Refined coconut oil allergen labeling (11+ comments)

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Reader Q&A

Find answers to our readers' questions or send us your question for an upcoming issue.


I have a product that is made with hand-peeled green chiles. Is it allowable to list it as "Hand-Peeled Green Chiles" in the ingredient statement, or is only "Green Chiles" acceptable?  
D.C., New Mexico, Food Manufacturer 


21 CFR 101.4 states that the common or usual name must be used in ingredient labeling. In this case, the common or usual name is "green chiles." Descriptions such as hand-peeled, pure, extra premium, and Grade A, are not acceptable for use in ingredient statements. Read more.

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