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Volume 16, Number 1 - January 2016

Happy New Year from Food Label News! Here’s to starting off 2016 with your favorite Q&As from the last year. Think of it as the greatest hits of Food Label News Q&A. Please do let us know what interests you so that we can continue to bring you relevant, informative content that means something to food labelers.

In this issue you'll find:

2015's Most Popular Q&As

What's News in the Food Label Community

Reader Q&A: "Hand-Crafted" for an FDA Product


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2015's Most Popular Q&As

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Reader Favorites

Most Popular Q&As from 2014


L.E., Arizona - August Food Label News

My supplier changed one of the ingredients we use in our product resulting in small changes to our ingredient statement and nutrition facts. Is there any phase-in period so that we don't have to discard the packaging we have in stock?

E.G., California - February Food Label News

Our Supplement Facts Label shows Sodium 180 mg/serving and Potassium 420 mg/serving. The actual test results are Sodium 147 mg/serving and Potassium - 399 mg/serving. Do we have an issue?

D.H., United Kingdom - April Food Label News

Is there an official list of U.S. daily values for vitamins and minerals that you can point me to please?

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What's News in the Food Label Community

"Real" claim (12+ comments)

Ingredient "and/or" labeling (9+ comments)

Allergen labeling (10+ comments)

Food labeling for Spain (8+ comments)

KIND submits "healthy" citizen petition (4+ comments)

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Reader Q&A

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Is there regulation against using the phrase "hand-crafted" for an FDA packaged product?  
J.S., California, Caterer 


"Hand-crafted" can appear on the principle display panel for an FDA-regulated food provided it accurately reflects the facts and does not mislead consumers. You will want to be sure that your processes are consistent with what hand-crafted is generally understood to mean. Note that misuse of this type of label statement is more likely to garner FTC attention because it is related to advertising and product promotion. More reader questions.


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