Volume 14, Number 4 - April 2014

Happy Spring from Food Label News. This month we continue the series on Package Claims focused on U.S. Dietary Guidance Statements. Look for the link to read past articles in the series if you missed them. This issue also features a frequently asked question by our readers about when additives are required to be disclosed on the ingredient statement. Finally, we thank you for the rich dialogue in the Food Label Community about the impending changes to the food label regulations. It keeps us all informed and engaged in topics affecting our work.

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Package Claims: U.S & Canada - Part 5 of 8
U.S. Dietary Guidance Statements

What's News in the Food Label Community

Reader Q&A: Requirement to Disclose Additives


Karen C. Duester, President

Package Claims: U.S. & Canada
Part 5 of 8
U.S. Dietary Guidance Statements

This month’s installment in our 8-part series overviews U.S. dietary guidance statements. This series is designed to help food labelers become familiar with what claims and label statements are allowable and how to position a product’s nutritional attributes to achieve marketing objectives.

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Regulatory Perspective on Marketing Claims

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Dietary guidance statements focus on general dietary patterns, practices and recommendations that promote health. They can mention either a specific nutrient or functional component, or a disease or health-related condition (but not both). Consult the guide for examples and explanations.

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If you missed earlier parts of the series you can view and download them now: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4. The print-ready pages from all parts of the series will add up the complete regulatory guide for U.S. and Canadian package claims.

What's News in the Food Label Community

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Reader Q&A

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When does the function of an additive need to be included in the Ingredient Statement and what differentiates an incidental additive from an approved chemical preservative? I note that 21 CFR 101.100 states that incidental additives with no technical or functional effect are exempt from labeling, whereas 21 CFR 101.22(j) states that approved chemical preservatives "must include both the common or usual name of the preservative and the function of the preservative." 
W.H., Vermont, Consultant


Ingredients added as chemical preservatives must always be declared by both name and function in the Ingredient Statement, i.e., potassium sorbate (to preserve freshness). Read more.

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